How to make money with Dontoshi exchange Affiliate link

Dontoshi is the most innovative to trade bitcoin and erc20 Token. Dontoshi exchange had made it possible for you to venture into crypto without you investing any fund, all you need to do is to sign up and earn more than 300 DTD Token, 50 dtd ref commission and 5% instant commission if any body you ref registered and lend IBTC and BTC.

Let say the person you reffer lend $10000 worth of BTC or IBTC you will earn you will earn $500 instant in your account and you can withdraw it instant special if the person lend btc and if your earn if above $100.

Let get down to answer the real questions:

How to get the affiliate link.

To get your affiliate link all you need to do is to signup at exchange and click on deposit and activate 2fa with your phone and get your affiliate link in your account.

How to push the affiliate link to the right audience

  1. Forum; You can go to the best and most visited forum in your country and write some kind content on how to lend BTC and IBTC or how to use the exchange. and add your affiliate link and tell the users that they can earn 300 dtd instant bonus if they sign up through your link.
  2.  Blog; You can go to most visited blog in your country, below the comment section you can contribute to the post, after your contribution you can write some kind word  like ” lend your BTC today and earn more than 15% interest in a month. follow this link to signup and earn free coin as your signup bonus at  (your affiliate link here)”
  3. Spend money to make money with your affiliate link: Yes spending money to make money with your affiliate link is one of the best method some supper affiliate have been using that other don’t know about.  You can hire some banners designers at to help you the sign an interesting banner for just $5 then you promote the banner with your affiliate link as a paid ads you can contact all the most popular bloggers in your country  and pay them to promote your banners in their blog or you can write some interesting post about dontoshi exchnage, how to lend btc,  ibtc and pay for the popular bloggers in country to publish it with your affiliate link as a sponsored post in their blog.
  4. Youtube: You can also shoot a video  to explain how to trade, lend ibtc, btc and erc20 token on dontoshi exchange and promote the video on youtube. The advantage of using youtube is that one video can make you money from now to the next 10 years. please don’t forget that you have to add your affiliate link in below your youtube videos and always advice your viewers to comment or ask questions below through the youtube comment section, because the more the comment the more your video will go places in youtube. Also add crypto and bitcoin in your video title so that your video will appear any time people search about how to lend with btc, even in google search engine. You reach is unlimited promoting affiliate link with youtube.



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